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Elia Srl has always been committed to realizing soundproofing products, both for the industrial and civil sectors. We concentrate mainly on these 5 areas:

- Silencers for ventilation systems
- Sliding hoods for natural gas control valves
- Acoustic cabins, tailored to every need
- Acoustic walls
- Acoustic enclosures for engines, compressors and turbines

Our internal engineering division has considerable experience in this field and can meet the most diverse needs of our customers, providing all necessary technical support and engaging in all stages from preliminary acoustic surveying to on-site installation.

  • Building Snam Rete Gas
    Building Snam Rete Gas
  • Condotti e Silenziatori Aria
    Condotti e Silenziatori Aria
  • Pannello Cabinato Turbina PGT25
    Pannello Cabinato Turbina PGT25
  • Cappe Acustiche
    Cappe Acustiche
  • Cabinato Turbopompa
    Cabinato Turbopompa
  • Cabinato Compressore
    Cabinato Compressore
  • Silenziatori Fabbricato Snam Rete Gas
    Silenziatori Fabbricato Snam Rete Gas
  • Cappe Acustiche
    Cappe Acustiche
  • Silenziatori Fumi RISC600
    Silenziatori Fumi RISC600
  • Cabinato Gramola PVC
    Cabinato Gramola PVC
  • Cabinato Inox TG
    Cabinato Inox TG